Why You Should Add Byzantine Coins To Your Collection

Posted on: 15 February 2023

Are you looking to branch out beyond United States coins and start collecting coins from around the world or throughout history? While there are multiple options once you start going back in time, here's why you might want to take a look at adding a few byzantine coins to your collection.

Own a Piece of an Empire

The Roman Empire gets all the press and prestige when talking about old-world empires, but did you know the Byzantine Empire was a continuation of the Empire from Roman times? If you are a fan of world history, owning a coin that was once in circulation during the BC era can be quite exciting.

Intricate Designs Worth Owning

One of the great things about collecting coins is appreciating all of the different types of designs or words and images that are printed onto this form of currency. When it comes to great designs, many coin collectors will tell you that it doesn't get much better than Byzantine coins. This Empire followed in the Romans’ footsteps by creating some very intricate and detailed designs across their coins. The coins will make a great talking point for any collector lucky enough to come into possession of some.

Rare and Popular With Collectors

You may indeed have to get a bit lucky to get your hands on some Byzantine coins, as they are quite rare. But the rarity is what makes the hunt for them so much fun. These coins are popular with collectors specifically because of their rarity. Add a coin or two to your collection and you'll be getting the bragging rights that go along with it.

May Gain Value Over Time

As with all coins in your collection, the hope is that the value of the coin will go up over time. When you are dealing with a coin that is rare as in this case and the coins are already thousands of years old, you can likely have confidence that these coins will at least hold if not continue to grow in value over time, provided you keep them in good condition, of course.

Diversify Your Coin Collection

You are supposed to diversify your stock portfolio, so why not do the same with your coin collection? This is an especially true idea if you do want to collect coins as an investment opportunity. Picking up coins with historical significance may help solidify your collection's value for the future, even if the price of some other more common coins goes down.


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