3 Ideas To Afford Buying Your Own House

Posted on: 30 October 2017

Houses are not only beneficial for living in because of the privacy that they offer, but they are also ideal investments to own. The reason why is because houses are usually very valuable, and you also have the ability to increase the value as years pass by. If you were to face a financial crisis at any point in the future, owning a house gives you the security that you can obtain money by selling it if it becomes necessary. Buying a house without paying a substantial amount of money to cover the full price upfront is possible. The list below will give you several ideas for buying a house.

1. Receive Financing Through a Mortgage Lender

The fastest way to receive money in an amount that is able to cover the price of a house is through mortgage lending. As long as you are qualified, a mortgage lender can finance the house that you want, and you will have to pay the money back. Buying a house through financing is a lot like renting one, only you will be the owner. For example, rather than paying rental payments that simply give you the right to live in the home, you will make monthly payments towards the loan that you received. Once the loan has been fully paid off, you can enjoy the relief of owning the house without worrying about it going into foreclosure if the money isn't paid back (unless you fall behind on paying annual property taxes).

2. Set a Short-Term Goal of Saving Up Money

If you are not trying to immediately buy a house, setting a short-term goal to save money is worth considering. A short-term goal is ideal because it will help you prepare to make a specific amount of money on a regular basis until the goal has been met. A long-term goal might lead to you giving up and losing focus on buying a house, especially if you enjoy shopping a lot. Plan to bring in an extra income, and then use the extra money to put towards what is needed to purchase a house. For example, buy used clothing at a thrift store that is sold at a low price, and then resell the clothing at a slightly higher price by having yard sales.

3. Only Consider Houses that Are Fixer Uppers

If you have a limited income and intend on relying on a loan company to obtain money for a house, try to get the most bang for the buck. Basically, you should attempt finding a nice house that is on the market at a discounted price due to it needing work done. Buying a fixer upper will make it easier for you to afford becoming a homeowner, but you will also be able to improve it to add value. Fixer uppers can bring in a nice return in the future depending on the type of work that is done to them. Placing features in the house that modern buyers search for is what you should focus on, such as hardwood floors, an HVAC system, and energy efficient windows.


When to Use a Financial Advisor

Hi, my name is Melinda Jacobs. My husband John and I are in our 50s, and we both still work full-time jobs. I used to be of the mind that we should put every spare penny into an interest bearing savings account. That is, until we started going to a financial adviser. Our finance consultant has showed us how to manage our money in a manner that is going to not only sustain us today but also in the future. I would like to share some of what we’ve learned about saving and managing money in today’s economy and why the days of putting money into a savings account is not really practical. I hope that what I have to share proves to be beneficial to you.